I believe that creativity changes the individual, and with it, the world. Poetry, storytelling, music, art, literature and theatre all generate a shift within the soul.

Every time someone new picks up a pen and starts writing a poem a tiny revolution occurs. This shift is as groundbreaking as any great declaration signed by the leaders of the world, it is a metamorphosis of seismic proportions.

As an experienced workshop facilitator I've been involved with a number of projects for Literature Wales such as Developing Dylan, Slam Cymru and, for 2016, Roald Dahl, as well as working with Oriel Wrecsam on projects such as the Oriel Wrecsam Explorers project. My main focus is on being involved with community participation projects so please get in touch if you’d like to chat through an idea. Poems created by workshop participants can be found on PoetryWorkshopsWales on Instagram.

This year I’ve returned to being on National Theatre Wales’s TEAM Panel and love the opportunity to engage more with my community as well as feeding into NTW's future plans.

I am honoured to be the Young People’s Laureate Wales and want to use my time engaging with as many groups as possible across our beautiful country. At her best, Cymru’s literary culture is wonderfully multifaceted, diverse and inclusive, and I aim to continue with this tradition. Poetry is relevant to the lives of our young people; it is relevant to everybody. Poetry is, and always has been, the language of our nation, and I look forward to encouraging a dialogue between the many young people I’ll meet, and their communities, on this extraordinary two-year journey.

Please contact Louise Richards at Literature Wales (louise at literaturewales.org) for possible bookings or projects. The YPL blog is here and on Twitter.

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