National Theatre Wales TEAM performance party

team party logoOne of the primary reasons for applying to be on National Theatre Wales’ TEAM Panel was that I wanted to champion more NTW events happening in my hometown of Wrecsam, and across Y Gogs as a whole. Being on the Panel gives me the opportunity to voice these opinions and I’m loving being involved with NTW because I like their strong ethos of listening, adapting and creating opportunities for artists (where possible). For example, I was offered the opportunity to produced and compered Word 4 Word Wrecsam earlier this year, and I’m now writing and producing the annual National Theatre Wales TEAM performance party at UnDegUn, Wrecsam on Thursday 16th October (this kind of event is being supported by ntwTEAM across Cymru every month).

The group working on the performance party is particularly exciting. Leading our creative expedition is seasoned director Anna Poole who has just finished working on the critically acclaimed Blud and Drowned Girl (written by the über talented Kelly Marie Jones). In addition our team of creatives from North Wales are: Rachel Rosen (Scrapyard Queen), Ben Trow (musician in Seazoo, Camera & Mowbird) Nikki Hill (physical theatre & acrobatics) and Siân Owens (actor & musician). Our stage manager is now confirmed as TEAM member Natasha Simone!

team party image

Over the course of three days we’re devising and rehearsing a one-hour theatre show for you to come and experience at 7pm on the evening of Thursday 16th October. The event is also about discovering what creative events you, the people of North Wales, want to be involved in here and what NTW can do to facilitate this. So come with your best ideas.

After all of that, because it is a party after all, we’ve got music from the wonderful Team performance party posterSera and the sublime Golden Fable; Andy Garside will be bending our heads with his (un)usual eclectic DrumWithOurHands DJ set and Feed Your Guests are cooking up a delicious menu (don’t have your tea beforehand!).

Show starts at 7pm. FREE ENTRY. Don’t be late.

ps. NTW are currently advertisting for new TEAM panel members. I’m staying put as I love it, but if you fancy joining us then give NTW a shout.

pps. Check out the NTW Community website for more events, promotions and opportunities. Then set up your own profile and add me as a friend. It’s free to join and well worth five minutes of your time.