The call of Llyn Tegid

I’ve become obsessed with Llyn Tegid again. It hits in waves so that I dream of her often until the need to pay a visit becomes overwhelming. This lake of myth has woven herself more tightly into poetry and workshops over the years and I wrote more about her on a Dark Mountain blog recently in a piece called, I Am Taliesin. Perhaps because she is the place of Taliesin’s birth and was home to Ceridwen, one of Wales’ most powerful witches, or just because Llyn Tegid is the closest body of fresh water to me, I have to visit and swim in her; immerse in time, inspiration and myth, then go and create something.

The below film is for a poem In Situ, included in the Rebel Sun collection out in May with Parthian Books, pre-order a copy here. It was a tricky to film because I was filming alone, which meant switching the camera on then wading into the water a few times. The final walk into the water in the duffle coat could only happen once because then it’s wet and I’ve only got the one coat. I got a few odd looks from people during filming – but then I was filling my pockets with stones and wading into the water in a nod to one of my heroes, Virginia Woolf. I wanted to reflect in the film how the cycles of successes and failures experienced as an artist can feel a bit like drowning at times.

in situ from Sophie McKeand on Vimeo.

Another piece filmed solo at Llyn Tegid is this one created for one of my favourite local bands, Baby Brave, for their track, Wrists. Their lovely pop music is exactly the tonic for a low day – although it was guaranteed I’d choose their darkest track to make a film for. I love the contrast of Emmi’s bright vocals with Steve’s dark, rhythmic guitar.

I’m self-taught when it comes to filming and editing but it’s a process that allows the creativity to flow in a different way to writing. Definitely something to continue with.