The Party of Wales

It wasn’t intentional to use The Guardian twice in a row for #postnewspolitics. In their defence it’s because I haven’t posted one in a while and couldn’t bring myself to spend the extra money a Saturday paper costs on anything else. But now I’m here and the pages are open I’m reminded why I’m becoming disillusioned with London-based-national-media. 

The Guardian used four pages to dissect the election results, offering a pretty comprehensive guide to what happened. They didn’t even really slag off Jeremy Corbyn but, apart from two tiny figures, nowhere could I find a mention of Plaid Cymru, The Party of Wales who had, by the Guardian’s own figures, just gained 26 seats (final count 33) across the country. Putting them well ahead of UKIP and ahead of the Conservatives in Wales. A major feat. 

Everybody else gets a mention and there’s features on regions of England but Wales is totally irrelevant as far as the media’s concerned. We’re not even a footnote. We don’t even get a subheading like Doncaster, Tees Valley and North Tyneside. I just cannot fathom why this is except to conclude that the general consensus in London is to ignore the Welsh, the Cymraeg, in the hope we’ll continue bickering amongst ourselves enough to not bother the ‘British’ status quo. 

By cutting Wales out of the picture the English media are only reminding us how badly we’re served by them, and giving more fuel to our fire to create a stronger Wales-based media.