Social Care

I’ve been working with a mix of social care students and people in the community this week at Glyndwr University. We’ve had a great time exploring creativity through poetry and I’ve been delighted with the results. This project is very much the brainchild of Liz Lefroy, a well-respected poet and lecturer who works hard to incorporate various creative mediums into the courses she runs. I was a bit apprehensive about the diverse needs of the group but they knitted together really quickly and I loved seeing how service users were supported. Creativity can be a great leveller, with everybody starting from the same point and it’s wonderful that people like Liz make space for a community magic to happen.

Here’s some of the work-in-progress produced (more poems under the gallery).

I am
by Georgina

I am a Scorpio and can sting,
I am a mother,
I am a protector,
I am a provider,
I am loyal and loving,
I am a cabin in the forest, I am many layers,
I am fragile,
I am fiercely independent,
I can do it!
I am marmite,
I am an advocate,
I am conscious and bothered,
I am me.


Who am I?
by Claire

I am a mum
I am a sister
I am a child, as someone’s daughter.
I am girl, no a woman
As I am a lover.
I am student yet a teacher
I am a cook and a cleaner
I am a nurse or maybe just a first aider.
I am a coach and a worker
I am the defence and prosecution

I am me.


My new title
by Claire

A social work student … my new title,
Words of methods and theories … essays and due dates.
Wellbeing? What’s that?
Children need to get to school, then their activities, oh and food shopping …
Opps back to the topic…
Erm neglect!
Do I neglect my own???
When sat over the weekends and half terms writing assignments,
When the sun is out, but due date is tomorrow.
Monkeys … one of Julie’s favourite things,
Makes me think of the trip to the zoo over Easter,
Phew … keep at it,
As it’s for them you have your new title.

by Karis

I am a friends, a shoulder to cry on
I am a fiancee, a hand to hold
I am a sister, we share blood
I an a auntie, we share love
I am a bitch, angry and moody

I am me, love me or hate me


I am Karis
Who needs love and attention
Who loves unconditionally
Who fears the world
Who dreams of peace
Who tries her best
Who worries of failure
Who hopes of success

The dream of the white dress,
The alter,
The family around to watch the ‘I do’s
The pink and grey flowers blossoming,
The faint smell of ‘millions’ lingering from him, my favourite smell.
The kids laughing and joking about me forgetting v or fall I g down the aisle.
Whatever happens we will be MR and MRS,
Whoever watches,
Whatever happens,
The drinks will flow,
The smiles will glow,
The rings will shine,
Whatever the weather!

I open my tired eyes
The 2.30am of crawling into bed is catching up with me
Confidence, education, rewarding and exciting they said.
Social work, i did not feel any of this.
Tired, angry and frustration is what i felt.
The shower would wake me up before the 30 minute battle with the A483.
Listening to the lecture, day dreaming of bed,
My eyes heavy from a few hours sleep
As the deadline came and went.
The 4pm nap that should have been 20 minutes turned to 2 hours and dread.
The day rolls to night

Confidence, education, rewarding and exciting they said!