Experimentations with T I M E
an intuitive poetry collage

Music: Hood Flair
Film & words: Sophie McKeand

Coflyfr: experimentations with time, is an online intuitive collage piece created in response to an 8-week course studying The Mabinogion, run by professor Gwilym Morus. After the course I felt compelled to create.

I woke early each morning and scoured through the books on my shelf, as soon as a book ‘spoke’ to me, I took it down and flicked through the pages until the right paragraph or sentence emerged. I repeated this action over & over each day, collaging the words together to create new poems, occasionally including linking lines / sentences of my own, until the piece felt complete. Each poem was created on the day and published exactly as it came to me.

Performed as part of The Tales We Tell exhibition that was at UnDegUn throughout February 2015. This included fixing sections of the poems to plates then smashing them to further collage the work.

Almost a decade later, upon reflection, I was recreating what my subconscious perceieved The Mabinogion to be – a great stitching together of fragments of stories from across time to create a new, singular narrative that still alluded to the old.

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