Future Sphere

Træ’s privileged life in the Dyson Sphere’s epic, tumbling waterfall city of Rijeka is upended with the actioning of a Smart Contract woven by xyr ancestors directly into xyr DNA. An unfulfilled contract will internally dismantle Træ’s body & mind but xe have spent decades avoiding all familial responsibility and have no intention of being involved with activists campaigning to prevent the ‘Sphere from harvesting the solar system’s energy, sinking a failing Earth into perpetual darkness.

No longer able to fritter away xyr life sliding between synthetic realities, Træ is forced to confront shocking truths about xyr history, as well as the origins of the AI super-consciousnesses who announce themselves to great fanfare as the last humans migrate to a newly completed ‘Sphere.

Sci-fi novella, published December 1st 2023. Available as e-book from all online stores listed here.