This epic, experimental, sci-fi storytelling adventure is an exploration of humanity’s greatest ambitions, as well as the psychological shadows that continue to plague the most focussed political minds. Set in 2050’s MthR LnD (Old Europe) a diverse cast of characters contend with unpredictable weather patterns and the solipsistic quest to become Amortal. Some are also struggling with a calling to form a deeper connection with the Earth in a constantly shifting post-civil-war political landscape of MthR CntRs that cater to every Community Member’s emotional and physical needs.

Through newly developed immersive technology, WrkRs access the hyper-connective Aug-Y: an addictive melding of semi-scripted, augmented reality and gaming, while agreeing to adhere to the Five Principles of MthR: kindness, compassion, emotional intelligence, empathy, togetherness.

These skyscraper utopias, overseen by the sentient A.I. MthR and the savant Community in Mont Blanc, are juxtaposed with wealthy semi-autonomous fiefdoms of beautifully sculpted gated communities such as the organo-cyborg-tree structures of ParametriCity, and in their shadows the free-but-poor shanty-towns bustle with the anarchy of The Red Night. Throughout these continued confrontations and negotiations, MthR attains hyper-intelligence which precipitates Singularity.

This trilogy of interwoven stories told from a panoply of coalescing and conflicting standpoints, explores notions of shifting power, loyalty, language, and love as people navigate personal and professional relationships in this singular slice of time.


Book 1: The Madness of Sara Mansfield, 1st May 2021.
Book 2: Prophets of The Red Night, 1st May 2022.
Book 3: Rematriation, 1st May 2023.
E-book only.
Currently delisted for rewrite.
Cover designs: Andy Garside.

Review of The Madness of Sara Mansfield (1st in The MthR Trilogy):

McKeand offers us hope in language, poetry and the natural world that carries on despite the violence hurled at it … let its visceral lyricism carry you, because there is beauty here, in the intensely visual prose, in the epic narrative. And it’s a plea, as well, to stop, to think, to reconnect with ourselves and with the earth.

Planet Magazine

The MthR Trilogy @ Unpsychology