Opinion Pieces

A list of opinion pieces, interviews and blogs on other sites:

I am Taliesin
– Dark Mountain for their The Myths We Live By series.
29th March 2017.

The Poetics of Money / Nationwide Poets
– Sabotage Reviews, 12th February 2017.

An Interview with Sophie McKeand by Abhigyan Saha.
– Kolkata Literature Festival 2017.
Talking about nationalism, multilingualism and refugees.

The Politics of Authenticity Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3.
– Wales Arts Review December 2016 & January 2017.

Reflecting on my residency at Oriel Davies – 20th December 2016.
Looking at the art of creation and how it is an integral part of our soul.

The NEC Commands Nothing Less Than Total Obedience To The Party –
Labour Founders Must Be Turning In Their Graves
– Huffington Post, 5th September 2016.

TEDx Talk: saving communities via creativity, anarchy & self-directed learning.
– TEDx Holyhead, 1st April 2016.